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Fed up with excessive electronics, glitching computers and the same styling, it is our aim to give something back to the world of motoring. In a day and age where we are ruled by low emissions, futuristic styling and technology, we at Prasca believe that the passion and driving pleasure has been taken out of the modern day motor car. Therefore it is our ongoing mission to bring back the life, sole and passion to the motor trade, by selling cars full of character that are a pleasure to look at, let alone drive. Forget about sitting in traffic, your Bluetooth cutting out and the stop/start operating at the most inconvenient of times. Think about the wind in your hair, the tight hedge row lanes and that Sunday lunch waiting for you at your favourite restaurant. These cars are about fun, excitement, the car clubs, the shows, the friends and most importantly the memories. Together lets abolish the 'gets you from A to B' attitude and enjoy these cars how they should be enjoyed.




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